Sue Ward

Good emotional health enables us to cope better with the changes and events in our lives that can sometimes leave us feeling low, anxious or depressed. Many of us feel we can handle things on our own, yet those who seek help are often surprised at how much better they feel and how much easier the challenges appear.

"The decision to take up counselling is rarely taken lightly. It usually emerges from an internal reflection on a sensitive, personal issue; or alternatively as an immediate reaction to a specific, disruptive event"

I believe passionately in the value of psychotherapy and counselling. The process which is entered in good faith, can contribute significantly to personal growth thereby facilitating lasting change. I am respectful and non- judgemental in my approach to gaining an understanding of each client’s unique issues. I work collaboratively to facilitate a resolution to their concerns that will have meaningful benefits to their present and future relationships.

My Work

I work with a wide range of issues ranging from anxiety, depression, grief and relationship breakdown. I have an interest in the area of complex trauma, significant issues ranging from childhood abuse and neglect. I am listed on the The Blue Knot Foundation (formerly known as ASCA Adult Surviving Child Abuse) database for mental health practitioners. I have facilitated workshops for ASCA in the area of Trauma Informed Care and Practice (TICP) designed to educate clients ranging from health professionals to survivors of childhood trauma. I facilitate a 10 week complex trauma workshop at The Marian Centre aimed at assisting participants in their healing and recovery process.

  • Crisis Support
  • Personal and Relationship issues
  • Survivors Of Child Abuse
  • Alcohol And Substance Abuse On A One-On-One Basis
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Grief Counselling
  • Anxiety
  • Depression Including Post-Natal Depression
  • Group Facilitation

I am also a member of the following:

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